Hello World!

My name is Jaroslav Hranička. I am a backend developer living in Czechia. I love the Web, its possibilities, opportunities and leverage in our daily life. I enjoy the challenges it offers - like performance optimizations, data processing, inter-service communication, architecture, infrastructure, security, etc.

I'm convinced that quality code and architecture are crucial elements of successful software. Developer also need to know business needs. You may have a pack of highly skilled archers, but if they are blind, they are useless for their king. I have witnessed how ignorance of some basic rules destroyed whole projects and drained motivation from the people around.

I'm trying to write a practical code - clean, testable and maintainable. Applications should be scalable and performant. If legacy hurts, there is always a remedy.

PHP Go JS Symfony Doctrine
MySQL MongoDB RabbitMQ Redis Docker Linux Git CI/CD